Discrediting Myths to Smartly Compare Mobile Broadband Deals


Although a large chunk of the population is hooked to mobile broadband, the technology remains vague and surrounded with myths. If you are part of the confused statistics, all you need to do is to educate yourself with basic information that you’ve always been afraid to ask in order to compare mobile broadband packages knowingly.

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  • Mobile Broadband – The eternal snail-paced broadband: In the past, mobile broadband has been taunted as lagging behind home broadband. That used to be true, but with an average connection speed of 7Mb, mobile broadband can be leading the race ahead. Despite the fact that home broadband are commonly available in 8Mb, mobile broadband users can cope by boosting speed using specially designed browser without paying an extra cost.
  • Mobile Broadband has insufficient download allowances: Not anymore. With deals reaching up to 10GB of usage in every month, any user can find satisfaction dealing with 10,000 emails, 100 hours of web surfing, 50 half hours video streaming, and 320 four-minute of listening to MP3 tracks. If you are willing to spend more, a 15GB download allowance can be availed after a thorough evaluation to compare mobile broadband deals offered around.
  • Mobile Broadband Providers bind their consumers with long contracts: It used to be that way when the normal practice was to sign up a 24-month contract. Nowadays, contracts can be as short and good for one month. The setup is ideal for transient users who don’t usually stay long in their temporary dwelling, or for those who are most likely to grab the next best offer that comes around the corner.
  • Mobile Broadband needs dongle or MiFi to be connected: The new breed of laptops and netbooks with pre-installed broadband functions don’t require these attachments anymore unlike their earlier version. Laptops can also be conveniently tethered to mobile phones and other android devices. This means that the laptop can have internet access as long as the mobile network has strong signal.
  • Mobile Broadband has expensive data charges: Gone are the days of penalizing charges for each GB. Download allowances for even up to thrice the limit are charged for only a fractional cost. In some cases, providers find it unnecessary to charge their customers for their slight excesses. Others, however, have online tracking system to help users monitor their download usage to prevent them from going overboard the allowed limit.
  • Mobile Broadband overcharges overseas usage:It’s now in the distant past when users are charged with bills of thousand pounds for overseas use. ISPs have learned their lesson after being featured as monster dealers in UK’s leading newspapers. Today, providers charge their customers up to 70 Euro cents per MB of downloaded data in any EU country. ISPs are also obligated by EU regulations to alert consumers once the usage limit is near its breaching point.

Mobile broadband has indeed conquered the market scene. Whereas it was considered a luxury option, mobile broadband is now affordable even to ordinary people. The past has indeed become a long way to look back and compare mobile broadband then and now. Regardless of what transpired in between those times, the consumers are always there to reap the benefits.

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