5 Ways to Achieve a Higher Rank For WordPress Sites


Wordpress is one of the best platforms for building fast websites that draw in traffic and result in high conversions. This is because Wordpress is open source and highly customizable. Users have control over their websites to maximize SEO. Getting a higher ranking for your site isn't as difficult as it can seem, but you need to be savvy and follow a set structure to reach your goals of being on the front page of search engines.

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Rename Image Files 

This is something that most Wordpress sites overlook. They forget to rename files. They take files from the web or upload their own, but they don't rename them. Renaming allows your file to be searchable. No one is going to search for DSC389489.jpg in an image search. Make your rename relevant with a space between each word. You should also add appropriate tags and information about the image when you upload. This will make a huge difference in your traffic and ranking.

Your Theme Matters - A Lot 

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People often grab any theme that meets their needs aesthetically, and they forget about the internal workings of that theme. It's crucial that you choose an SEO-friendly theme that will attract visitors and increase ranking. Clean code means everything. The goal is to find a theme that uses fewer words in the code and works super-fast.

Don't Use Illegal Tricks 

BlackHat techniques used to get away with it, but now they are busted quickly. If you try BlackHat you are taking a huge risk that could ruin all of your work. You may also be banned by Adsense or related programs for earning money on your site. Keep it legal to maintain a genuinely profitable and beneficial website.

Utilize Social Marketing 

Off-site promotion is one of the best ways to get a higher ranking. Orangesoda social marketing utilizes powerful techniques that can help you achieve your goals. Social-media promotion helps make your posts and website viral, and it brings in new traffic.

Quality Content Always Wins 

You can't beat quality content. At the end of the day, the content on your website is what matters most. Optimized and well-written articles are going to attract visitors and keep them there. Content of any kind will boost your ranking as long as it is well-written content and optimized for 2013 SEO tricks. You will be surprised at how far great content can go.

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