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Managing a website or a blog requires the proper design management in order to make it appealing and attractive for your potential visitors. How you design your website can contribute to the quality of your visitors’ experience when using your site. The impact of blog design is something that could help to improve the user experience of your visitors as well as in giving a lasting impression among the web users.

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Owning a blog or website means that you have to exert the effort in improving not only the quality of your content but that of the design and layout of your website as well. Visitors like to visit blog sites that can offer them a more pleasant browsing experience. For a thriving blog site or eCommerce site, web designing is an important aspect of your marketing strategy to optimize the chance of improving your website visitors’ experience and to win their approval that would encourage for them to come back to your site regularly. Here are some 5 essential steps of a thriving web or blog design.

Optimize your website for mobile

Your thriving blog or website will re-generate more traffic and profit and will reach a wider audience when it is mobile optimized in design. Considering the report released by the Ofcom Internet Usage Report published on December 12, 2013, its consumer research conducted on September 2012 reflects that the use of mobile phones consists a higher rate of ownership among the personal devices used by the consumers in 17 major countries. There are also other studies showing that consumers prefer to browse the internet using the convenience of their Smartphone devices. By making your blog design optimized for mobile viewing you are thus growing your reach to more Smartphone users.

To optimize your blog for mobile device, you should be able to use a theme or layout on your website that is responsive based on the kind of device used by your website visitors; whether they are using tablets or Smartphones.

Use the power of white space

In view of the visual arts, white spaces are those portions of a page that are left unmarked. Taking this step in improving your website or blog design will allow your visitors to absorb better the information that you want to convey to them through your site. Using white space gives your readers some break by giving them the opportunity to appreciate your website content and information. White spaces on your website helps in highlighting in prominence the specific points that you want them to understand and digest. A website from the Connect a Million Minds is a perfect web design that reflects how white spaces allows the site to convey the message it wants to convey with clarity to its readers.

Assist your visitors using a search bar

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If there is one thing that a web designer should not forego when designing a blog site, it is the search bar. It can be quite frustrating for a web visitor to be searching for something but because of the overwhelming posts and content that are already displayed on a website, it is becoming a tedious task to find what they are looking for. The idea of using a search bar will always be welcomed by your visitors to make their search easier and convenient. It will also prevent your visitors to immediately leave your site without making any further search if they no longer want to spend the time to tediously search your blog. The search bar offers them the quickest way to search for what they are looking for. Placing the search bar at the top of your web page or in the upper right or left portion of your website or blog site is a good design that you can add to your thriving site. It allows your blog to immediately become connected to your visitors and they could easily find the search bar in this position.

Focus only on essential elements

Website users always prefer to visit sites where they could easily find what they are looking for. This is an important aspect in web designing because you always have to keep in mind the needs of your customers and be able to meet their expectations. Bloggers and website owners are often too focused on making their site beautiful and highly attractive which in return compromises the interface of their site that is often crowded with unnecessary elements. As a result, your visitor finds themselves lost when navigating through your site. Make sure to keep in mind what are the essential elements that your site needs and retain them while removing elements that are not really as important to your visitors. This website from ebay is a good example of a website that displays only the essential elements where their potential customers could instantly find the product prices, the category, shopping cart and search bar to easily scour for their options when visiting the site to shop.

Include a contact form on your blog site

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Using the contact form is essential for your thriving blog site or business site. Not all bloggers and website owners are able to consider this simple form to be important to their web or blog design. Providing your visitors the ability to contact you is essential for your thriving website as it gives your readers and visitors the ability to obtain the confidence in your niche expertise or business and it is also your opportunity to communicate with interested prospects to your blog or online business. Your visitors will likely feel frustrated each time they want to contact you and there is no way they could do that. Who knows, it may be a good project or business proposal that could make you some money and you pass that chance by the failure of including a simple contact form when designing your site. Further, providing your own contact details will add professionalism to your services and business. In designing your contact form, make sure that it provides the essential information that your web visitors will likely want to know. Below is a good contact form design that will give your website visitors more leeway to get to know you more with all the essential information that they need in order to keep in touch with you.

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