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It is no longer news that getting a Google Adsense account is no better than putting an Elephant's head through a needle's eye. Getting approved on adsense has become something else recently, but there's something that gladdens my heart; and that is the fact that getting approve into adsense is certainly not impossible.

Whether or not you're banned, disabled or disapproved at your application, WorldWebSurfers.com is here to make things easy, in-fact; if we are to help you, your account will be approved in less than two days.

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Google Adsense

What Google Adsense is?

Google Adsense is an advertising program owned and managed by Google, it is a contextual advertising company that serves publishers with well targeted ads. Adsense happens to be the most popular and the most used contextual advertising program used by publishers and advertisers around the world, on the web. Publishers preferred the program because they pay better than every other contextual advertising company, they also have a large ad network that covers more countries than every other company. Besides these; they are super reliable. Advertisers use them cos they are reliable, their billing is okay, they cover more countries and niches than every other contextual advertising company.

Why Get a Google Adsense account 

Whether you're running a new blog or not, whether you're driving some good traffic or not. Your website needs a Google adsense account. It is not good that you fight with some Google adsense alternatives, as far as I am concern, there's no adsense alternatives, instead I'll call them rivals. Yahoo has its own contextual advertising program which is conjoined with Bing and is called; media.net - Yahoo has this, but still monetize their email with Google adsense, not mocking, just trying to outline how good adsense is.

I am writing from experience, Adsense may be the best contextual advertising program, but before you can make good money from it, you must get your fingers dirty and work your fingers tireless till the bones, how then can one depend on some alternatives to Google adsense. When you talk about contextual advertising, think of Google adsense, if not; think of sponsoring other products. Other contextual ads companies are good but they only profit those with huge traffic. With that said, let's quickly talk about your adsense approval.

I'll be the one to get you the adsense account - you can use the account I'll get you, on a previously banned site, it will be approved in less than 2 days, and I'll also charge a token amount of NGN3,500 ($24) for it. If you'd love to get your adsense account a day after your payment or even that same day, kindly contact me via email, the contact page of this website, or call @ 2347067440695. To get this done; I'll need your info for the application. If you can get an approved adsense account yourself, I'd advice that you do it yourself but if you can't, I assure you you'll get it a day after your payment, or even that same day. So you should kindly send me these info.

Google Adsense account info

Your name (first name) and surname (last name), Date of birth - make sure its older than 18, your street address, your city, your country of residence and postal or ZIP code, you bank account name (payee name), a new gmail account that has never been used with Google adsense, your blog URL (its a must).

Like said earlier, get me your info and I'll get your account ready. Should in case you need my First Bank account, here; I am ever ready, if you are: Account Name: Obarhua Emmanuel Account Number: 3027563260. Now your adsense account approval is right in your position to decide, no more adsense disapproved or disabled me and all that stuff.

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Rishav Arora said...

Sir my website got rejected when I applied for the adsense. I have 6 months old domain and I follow all the policies… I got reply form the adsense unacceptable content …i even don’t copy from any website….my website is http://www.job-in-bank.com please just have a look on my website and tell me the solution so that I can get adsense approval…

Emmanuel Obarhua said...

Google Adsense is like that sometimes, but you should prevent porn-related articles and pictures; write long articles henceforth and keep on blogging. And re-apply, I hope they accept you. Cheers!

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