VPN: Hotspot Shield Elite Cracked and Working for Free


To my dear readers, I want to share this cracked Hotspot Shield Elite, a pro software VPN which is now cracked and is working for free, I mean completely free now. Elite is the advanced version of Hotspot Shield VPN. Hotspot Shield is a known software VPN that serves millions of users around the globe, it is one of the most affordable VPN, but as far as viatun VPN service is there, I consider Hotspot expensive cos viatun VPN service only cost $1 for a month and gives discounts when you subscribe to a longer period, if you subscribe for 6 months you'll get $1 discount, and you get $2.5 discount when you subscribe to viatun 12 months service, making 12 months subscription cost $9.5 and 6 months cost $5.

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Hotspot Shield Elite cracked

The sweetest thing about viatun service is; it is equally reliable. Don't be surprise to learn that I use viatun with PayPal from an unrestricted country, Nigeria. I guess you see the reason why I consider Hotspot expensive when compared to Viatun. If I were to pay for a VPN service, I will go for viatun but since I have the cracked Hotspot Shield Elite which works for free, O'yes Hotspot is what I'll use!

Those who spend a lot on VPN services should be very glad to be here. I had an internet cafe, so I am talking from experience. I know how much people spend just to get reliable VPN services (e.g VPNReactor.com). People spend up to one thousand eight hundred naira ($10x180) for VPN services on monthly basis, some spend more while others spend less.

More on Hotspot Shield

According to Cnet.com Hotspot Shield - Maintains and protect your privacy, it is an internet connection protector which encrypts your traffic to protect you from all kinds of spying while your computer communicates with the rest of the world.

It is an excellent tool for ensuring on any network connection that you can access sites and data according to your tastes, and nobody else's. Hotspot Shield's Virtual Private Network services are used by more than 10 million people, according to the software publisher AnchorFree, making it the largest VPN in the world.

The browser-independent Hotspot Shield establishes an encrypted connection to the Hotspot Shield servers, and turns all HTTP traffic to the safer HTTPS. By rerouting Web traffic and providing you with a new IP address hosted by AnchorFree, the company is able to ensure that your data isn't plucked out of the open by man-in-the-middle attacks or wireless network spoofing.

How to Get And Install the Cracked Hotspot Shield Elite

  • I'll send you the VPN via email
  • What you do after downloading the ZIP folder is;
  • Unzip, and install the VPN
  • After installation, click Start, and then Run - a window pops up
  • Copy the code below, and paste to the field on the popped up window


  • A window will open, Find and double click on "hosts" and open it with notepad.
  • Now paste the code below at the last line of hosts file. anchorfree.net rss2search.com techbrowsing.com box.anchorfree.net www.mefeedia.com www.anchorfree.net www.mefeedia.com

  • Press Ctrl+S to save changes
  • After that, make sure to restart your computer. That's all

Very Important Note: 

  • VPN will cost you a fair amount, I am sending it out for 1,600 naira ($10 both on PayPal or Liberty Reserve) only. Those who use paid VPN services, should not have a problem with that amount. Payment should be made via bank deposit.
  • The VPN configuration given is for Window XP only but
  • Configuration for other devices will be sent along with VPN package.

My Bank Account Details

  • Account Name: Obarhua Emmanuel
  • Account Number: 3027563260
  • Bank: First Bank of Nigeria

Interested persons should contact me from the website's contact page or call @ (234)07067440695. I can help you pay for Viatun with my credit card, should in case you're interested in using it and have no means to subscribe. If you can't afford the software I am rendering you, then you may want to use NewIPVPN.com. Cheers!

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