How to add Google Adsense Ads Below Posts' Titles and Below Blogger Posts [ Adsense Inside Posts ]


Adding Google adsense inside a blog postsunder post titles to be precise. Or below blog posts (the end of every post) is damn easy and only takes a few steps/instructions. You probably stumbled upon this post directly from Google or other source but never the less you got interested when you saw its headline. Whether you got here directly via Google or to other source before coming there, one thing is sure you are interested in knowing how to add Google ads right under your blog posts' titles but could you tell me why? Don’t sweat yourself over my question, its simple. Every blogger who adds adverts (ads) inside posts (whether its under post title or at the end of post) does not do that for fancy but did that to maximize revenue - in other-words making the most of their adsense account. Adding ads within post, most especially under the post title is one of the best ad placement and the best step to take in maximizing adsense revenue. That’s the simple reason for placing ads within contents yet very important.

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how to add adsense below post title

How to add Adsense Below Blog Posts' Titles.

  • First, visit your Adsense account, Create a "336x280 Large Rectangle" ad type. But if you've already created one, then just get the code. It will be used later.
  • To add adsense to your blog it must be parsed, else it cant be added.
  • To parse adsense code, visit http://www.blogcrowds.com/resources/parse_html.php
  • At the page, you will see a box, paste your Adsense code into the box and click the "Parse" button. Copy the parsed code, you will need it later.
  • Go to your "Blogger Dashboard"
  • Click on "More Option"
  • Click on "Template" (make sure to back up template before proceeding)
  • On "Edit HTML"
  • Make sure to click on the "Expand Widget Template" box
  • Using Ctrl + F on your keyboard, find this tag; <data:post.body/>
  • Paste your parsed ad code right on-top the tag
  • Having done that correctly, go ahead and click "Save Template"


  • Only three ads are allowed to be displayed on a page, hence you can't display more than three ads on a page.
  • If there's a fourth ad on a page it will be blank and nothing will display on the ad slot.
  • Some blogger themes are having more than one of this tag; "<data:post.body/>". Don't add to any of them and leave it at that. Check if it is working well - some might display/appear on homepage which is not what we are out for, hence you may add parsed ad code to the next tag (<data:post.body/>). Until you find the one that works well for you. For me, the one that works is the third existing <data:post.body/> on my blog's theme.

How to Add Ad Below all Blog Posts

After parsing your code and while you are on your blogger dashboard
Click on "More Option"
Click on "Template" (make sure to back up template before proceeding)
On "Edit HTML"
Make sure to click on the "Expand Widget Template" box
Using Ctrl + F on your keyboard, find this tag; <data:post.body/>
Paste your parsed ad code RIGHT UNDER the tag 
Having done that correctly, go ahead click "Save Template"


  • If you've added an ad on-top a tag to display below posts' title before, then make sure to insert the ad code below that tag instead 


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vgopal said...

Thanks I used this for my site which is a game and movie recommendations Site

Olasunkanmi Fakeye said...

This doesn't work with my template.I have tweak the template myself and got solution but with different positioning. so if you are in the same shoe like me.then I recommend reading how I tweaked my on template to display adsense ads under post title left or right at http://www.openinformations.com.ng/2013/08/how-to-add-google-adsense-ads-to.html

Olasunkanmi Ayomide F.

Amir Benachour said...

thank you very much :)

Juelur rahman said...

Thanks a lot for a great sharing. Best suggestion for adsense.

Uche Francis said...

I might just say this is the most insightful post i've read on this blogger adsense code installations. It worked perfectly for me before, and it does did clear my doubts once more.

Had to do some few experimentations and your post was handy.

In addition i also learnt a way of making this align either to the left, right or center. Both the link ads and banner.

Thank you for the post
Uche Francis!

Telugu Film News said...

Thanks used this to add Amazon ads below blogposts.

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