Gravatar: How to Make Your Picture Show Up Along With Your Comments on WordPress Blogs


After creating my blog and posting some good articles. The next thing that came to my mind was; go build backlinks. I started building backlinks on blogger blogs I know and then graduated to WordPress blogs. But anytime I comment on WordPress blogs, I noticed that the avatars I get next to my comments are either the blog's default avatar or a grey icon. Its not like the case with blogger blogs, when you comment while you're signed in to your Google account (Whether Google+ or blogger account), the avatar that shows up next to your comments is the profile picture of that Google account you're signed in to. Before commenting on WordPress blogs, I looked at the comment form but there was no option that could make me get my profile picture up there, not even one. Now that was a fix on me, but I never gave up cos no reputable blogger will go around the internet faceless. Just as your personal picture is outstanding, so will your comment be if you have a personal avatar and not the default.

Gravatar icon

But then how can I get my picture up there when there's no option for it, I thought about signing up with the blogs, maybe that way I can upload my profile picture and when I comment, my profile picture will display next to my comments. Those thoughts were all just wrong, but I am glad that in end I got it fixed. The question is; how did I manage to do it? Actually, my first personal blog was on WordPress but I ran away and stopped using it cos WordPress looked complicating to me back then, but just recently I went to update my WordPress account, at least I am no longer that newbie anymore. While updating the account, I wanted to upload a profile picture which I don't fail doing when opening any online account. On the process, WordPress redirected me to Gravatar.com. I uploaded my profile picture and went back to reload my WordPress account and saw my picture there.

As usual, I was glad but I didn't know that I have solved the big problem of getting my picture next to my comments on WordPress blogs, until I stumbled upon one of the WordPress blogs that I commented on and I noticed my profile pictures was there on my previous comments. How did this happen? I went to research on Gravatar and discovered that it was simply because I created a gravatar account with the email I use on commenting, that way, all comments that I have made with the email even before creating a gravatar account will display my gravatar profile picture next to my comments on WordPress blogs. Got it?

More Details on How Gravatar Works

Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized Avatar. Now, that's not just a name, it is actually recognized globally because millions of people and websites use it. Most popular applications like WordPress have built-in support for Gravatar. When a user leaves a comment (using an email associated with gravatar) on a site that supports Gravatar, it displays their Gravatar profile picture along with the comment. This allows commentators to maintain their identity throughout the internet. Gravatar does not only work with WordPress but also supports the following sites; Hootsuite, Battlefield3, Github, Techdirt, Disqus, stackoverflow, American Idol...

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How Do I get My Own Gravatar?

I'll start by saying it is free, and back that up by saying you don’t need a WordPress account before you can get one. It’s recommended that you sign up with gravatar using the email address that you normally use for commenting, so that all previous comments you have made can be updated with your Gravatar profile picture.

  • Visit Gravatar officialwebsite
  • On the site’s homepage, you’ll see a field that is followed by a green button tagged “Get Your Gravatar”
  • Enter you email to the field and hit the green button

  • If you have done that and it was successful, you’ll see;

Confirmation email sent!

  • Go check you email box
  • Open the message sent to you by Gravatar
  • Click on the confirmation link.
  • Now a page opens where you can enter your username and password.
  • Hit the Signup button after entering your details to the appropriate fields, but make sure to opt in for their terms or service which is right on top the signup button.

With that in place, your account will be successfully created and you’d be signed in. That’s not all, but we are almost done. All that is left now is; a profile picture.

How to upload a Profile Picture to Gravatar

The profile picture could be a picture of you, a company's logo or something unique.

  • While you are signed in (to Gravatar)
  • Click on “My Account”
  • Click on “Add an Image”

On the page that opens, you are given three options; to upload picture from your computer (My computer's hard drive), to upload picture from another source on the internet (An image on the internet) and an image you’ve uploaded before (A previously uploaded image). Click on the option you want to use. But I’ll be focusing on uploading picture from your computer.

  • Click on “My computer's hard drive”
  • Click on “Choose file” – a window pops up
  • On the pop up window, find and select your profile picture.
  • Click “Open”
  • Having done that, click “Next
  • Your picture should be visible by now, click “Crop and finish”. Or resize the picture using the nodes before clicking Crop and finish

After clicking Crop and finish, this is what I got. 


But that’s not all, there’s another important thing. Rate your uploaded picture by clicking on one of the icons at the bottom of picture. If you have rated picture, Gravatar will now approve the picture to become your public Gravatar, If not it will be saved but won't be active. While rating, I recommend you rate your picture with the first icon on the list, which is rated G. What gravatar wants to know with the rating is, how explicit your picture is. 

Note: I’d like you to know that the gravatar is needed for byline or author’s bio when you’re doing guest blogging on WordPress blogs or sites that supports Gravatar.


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gravatar is of great help to we bloggers because it enhances popularity and recognition

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