Glo New Tariff Plans: Hiflier, Talkfree, Gista, Infinito & G-Bam


Globacom Limited, one of Nigeria biggest multinational telecommunications company has just rolled out two new tariff plans which are Glo TalkFree and Glo Hi-flier, and went ahead to re-package three of their existing plans, GISTA, Infinito and G-Bam. This will indeed bring more value to her new and old customers.

Glo New Tariff Plans

As a business that has its customers in mind, Glo introduced these plans so that her customers can get more choices and enjoy more value. Existing Glo subscribers who opt in for one of the tariffs on the prepaid platform will testify of its difference. Whether you spend more on calls or data, the new tariff plans deliver more value as subscribers can make calls within the network for as low as 5k/sec and international calls for as low as 15k/ sec.

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Details on (Glo) New Tariff Plans

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Glo Hi-Flier Plan

This plan gives you discounted calling rate, but only when you subscribe to any data plan of 200MB & above.

  • Glo to Glo calls : 18K/sec
  • Glo to others: 18K/s
  • SMS: Onnet-N4, Offnet-N4 and International-N10
  • Migration code for Glo Hi-Flier: No code. Just subscribe to data plan of 200MB and above.

Glo TalkFree Plan

TalkFree gives you 150minutes free talktime and 150 free SMS on monthly subscription of N1,000. i.e 5minutes free talktime and 5 free sms daily

  • Glo to Glo calls : 15K/s after exhausting the daily free 5mins
  • Glo to others: 18K/s
  • SMS: Onnet-N4, Offnet-N4 and International-N10
  • Migration code for Glo TalkFree: *100*12*1#

Updated Existing Glo Plans

Glo Infinito Plan

Glo Infinito is now Glo's default plan for new customers. So that when new customers purchase and register their Glo SIM, the plan that will be there after registration will be Infinito.

  • Glo to Glo calls : 20K/sec
  • Glo to others: 30K/s
  • 10 Family and Friends : 10K/sec
  • SMS: Onnet-N4, Offnet-N4 and International-N10
  • Migration code for Glo Infinito: *100*9*2#

Glo Gista Plan

Your first minute call on this plan is charged at 40k/sec
2nd minute onwards 15K/sec for Glo to Glo calls
2nd minute onwards 30K/s from Glo to others networks
SMS: Onnet-N4, Offnet-N4 and International-N10
Migration code for Glo Gista: *100*15*1#

Glo GBAM Plan

  • GBAM gives you 5MB free browsing every day but attracts daily rental fee of N5.
  • Glo to Glo calls : 18K/sec
  • Glo to others: 18K/s
  • 5 special Numbers (FnF) : 5K/sec
  • SMS: Onnet-N4, Offnet-N4 and International-N10
  • Migration code for Glo GBAM: *100*5*1#

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Loon said...

Thanks, needed that

Christian Nduka said...

we need a tarrif plan purely for calls without any access fees at a posible rate of 10 naira to all networks even glo-glo. No data. Just for only calls.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Glo is stupid dis dayz, dey just didot money lik dey buy it dir

yusuf koforola said...

tankZ kudo

Anonymous said...

We need a tariff plan dat will allow us to call for just 10 naira per minute from the first minute of d day without any extra charges or rental charges. No access charges too

Anonymous said...

I was unable to migrate to glo free talk with the code given above, why? Is d tariff plan no more in existence?

jude said...

Adjust the call rate. They are not customer friendly

Anonymous said...

Glo is N̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊ more a good network when we are using #100 to call f☺я̩̥̊ 5min.what a rubish

Anonymous said...

glo should learn how to be costmer friendly network

john oria said...

Pls what's the code for glo fnf?

Umoru said...

Glo didnt know how make a package

Anonymous said...

Glo adjust your calling rate please

festus aghakolu said...

I am on Glo Gbam, for like three days now i have not receive my daily 5mb, what will i do?

Sulyman Olaitan said...

i dont know how to subscribe to glo BOUNCE

Anonymous said...

I want to opt out from the Glo bounce.pls help

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