Solution to Firefox Known Error: “This Connection is Untrusted”


Sometimes when you open some websites like; Gmail, Paypal, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Twitter what have you in Mozilla Firefox. You may get a message; “This Connection is Untrusted”. This message is often gotten while you're trying to visit HTTPS (HTTP secure) websites. If you are experiencing the same thing, then be calm to read through cos the solution is also covered here. This message often comes up when I visit some websites, but I never new why and I never knew the category of websites that it affects. Lots of internet cafes are also having same problem time and again but only a few know how to fix it. Even at that it is easier for them cos its a public place and anyone who know the quick fix can come by and give them the tips and get it done. But then if you're having a personal computer, the situation might not be the same. So the internet (WorldWebSurfers.com) is the best place to get a fix to your internet or computer problems

Why does this error often occur?

We wont be too technical so be calm cos I'll keep it as simple as possible. The basic reason why you often get this message is because; HTTPS websites require your connection to be encrypted and secure so as to protect your data. Because HTTPS including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) websites always send some sort of certificate to your web browser which it checks whether it's valid or not. When the secure connection certificate is invalid, your browser may be unable to connect with the website(s). There may be three reasons for this:


  1. Your computer time may be incorrect. (This is the basic reason)
  2. The site may using an expired certificate
  3. The site you’re trying to connect to may be illegal, using a fake SSL certificate


If you’re pretty sure the site is legal and you shouldn't be having problems with HTTPS connections, be sure your computer date is set correctly. This should get it fixed.


If your computer date and time is set correctly and you’re still getting this message, then there should definitely be a problem with the website and you should be careful about sharing sensitive data with such sites. Legitimate sites won't use an invalid SSL certificate, its very rare. So the problem is often a wrongdate and time. 

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shiv roy said...

my pc date and time is correct but still this error "This Connection is Untrusted" found.plz help me.

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