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Are you having problems signing in to your yahoomail account? If yes, then sit back as I take you on a tour. Difficulty in logging in or not being able to log in to your YahooMail account may be caused by different reasons; It could result from either wrong password, username or you're using a blacklisted IP. Yahoo actually blacklisted some IPs after the disgraceful hack experience. This article have two parts but both will be shared here though, they are; wrong password or username and blacklisted IPs.

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1)  Wrong Username or Password

If you are not able to log in to Yahoomail because of a wrong password or username, you may get this message:

If that is the case, all you need do is, use the correct username and or password. Make sure they are correct, you may first type the password to a notepad or some other place where you can see it visibly to make sure it is correct or not before copying and pasting to its (password) field.

Note: Yahoo may also give you something like; "username is not yet registered" If that is the case, then the problem lies in your log in details, you should check them carefully and retry. If Yahoo blacklisted your IP you may also get something like this after you must have gone through the captcha verification. So if you've made sure that your password and username is correct yet you can't login, then its definitely the IP and that's what I'll be covering below.

2)  Blacklisted IPs Problem and Fix

Like said earlier on the first paragraph, Yahoo actually blacklisted some IP addresses due to the hack experience, maybe they did that to increase their security, but nevertheless that has chased lots of users away and is still chasing them away as they can't login or register an account with yahoomail. If your IP was blacklisted, you may either get "We are Sorry but no Image is Available at this Time" or you may get a message that says "Invalid ID or password". That is to say, you won't be able to login at all. That said, let me quickly jump into the solutions.

What you can do if you IP was blocked.

Here's what yahoo does, they track your IP (location) and if it falls on their blacklisted IPs you won't be able to login to yahoomail account, no matter how hard you try at least not with the blacklisted IP. Too bad for those with no bad intentions and too bad for those dedicated Yahoomail users. If you have important documents on your email and won't want to let go or you still love to use yahoo service then its just fine cos this problem has a simple fix.

If you keep getting the captcha error or you're not able to login even when you are sure that your login details are correct, then its no doubt your IP is blacklisted, what you should do here is; change your IP address.

How do I change my IP address?

There are lots of ways to do this, I’m going to list three methods here:

  • Restart your modem: Disconnect your modem or internet and reconnect after some minutes, your IP address should have been changed. Some IPs won't change after restarting your internet connection. If yours didn't change then you may read the other options below. 
  • Use an anonymous IP address: There are loads of anonymous IP addresses. You can pick up one at Hidemyass to do your thing for you. If one fades off, go pick another and insert it in your browser with the corresponding port. If you have no idea how to insert the proxy in to your browser, you may check it out here.
  • Use a VPN or proxy software: Its easy, if Yahoomail won't let you sign in from your ISP's original IP, then you can do that using another IP. This might look tedious to you but its just fine. I do use a VPN (Virtual Private Network - a free one at that) on my PC. and This is the option I use because I don’t really need to do much; all that is needed is to start the software and wait till it changes my IP. I would recommend PDProxy because it’s partially free and easy to use, but this VPN is completely free.


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