40% off! Buy 50,000 Worth of Computers for Just 30,000 – Pay on delivery


Howdy, my name is Emmanuel Obarhua. I own WorldWebSurfers.com – I’m selling out my desktop computers worth 50,000 naira for just #30,000 naira to any part of Nigeria. 

Pricing is not fixed; it’ll get cheaper if you are close to me (Delta State, Nigeria) depending on transportation and may (just MAY) get a little bit more expensive if you are very far from me. You pay me on delivery – I mean when I deliver to you. But you may pay, for me to send computer(s) to you without coming in person, that way, expenses for transportation will be on the low side and I'll surely reduce the price of PC from #30, 000 naira (depending on transportation), So if you are interested in sending money to me. I have provided my First Bank account details below.

Computers are fairly used with LCD (flat screen) monitors, they come with advance theme for fast and easy computing and also prevents system freezing (slowness of PC). They are already configured so that they can run more than one program without having problems, they also come with loud speakers built inside them. But computers are limited, I don’t sell computers, I only had an internet café which I’m no longer operating – Computers available are just four. If you are reading this, and you want to buy sound computer(s), you may want to call me @ (+234)07067440695. As you are one of the thousands of people reading this. This offer (ad) will also be displayed on OXL, Tradestable.com.ng, Keymu… And will also be syndicated via bulk SMS. Call (07067440695) now so you don’t miss that entire discount.

Bonus Coupled to Computer Purchase

Like said earlier, I was an Internet café owner. If you buy up to two computers, I’ll give you a UPS (Un-interrupted Power Supply) If you buy all 4, I’ll give you my 2200VA UPS which withstands all 4 computers for more than 12 minutes when electricity power is out – Since I’ve been using this UPS, my workstation computers has never went out. UPS has never failed me, not a day that I can remember.

Features of Computers

  • Hard disk – 32 Gigabyte (GB)
  • RAM – 250 Megabyte (MB)

Operating System (OS)

  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Professional
  • Version 2002
  • Service Pack 3


  • Intel
  • Pentium (R) 4
  • CPU 2.00GHz - 1.99GHz

Computer Description

Computers have LCD or Flat screen monitors, Flat System Unit (popularly called CPU) which is placed on top desk with responsive mouse and flexible (modern) keyboards.

What else?

What in a café would you like me to add to PC with little charges, what in a café would you like to get? Ask me and you’d get it. Between; 3COM Switch (machine for networking computers), Stabilizers, UPSs, Radio (for internet connection), Cable for computer networking (not cut), Ceiling fans, 3 in 1 HP printer (N8,000 – Printer, Photocopier, scanner)…

Buy Now!

I’d be glad to do business with you; I am as transparent as my words. Call now to get your PC or contact me below. You may follow me on Twitter (@worldwebsurfers) and Google+ so you can always get in touch with me. You may also subscribe to This site via RSS feed using the form below, that way, you will never miss our offers. What do you think, any question(s)? Use the comment or contact form to ask me, you’d surely get response.

Contact Us Now!

Feel free to contact us any time and take your time on WorldWebSurfers.com
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My Account Information Is:

Account Name: Obarhua Emmanuel

Account Number: 3027563260

Bank: First Bank of Nigeria

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