Bulk SMS, How to Get Your Business to Its Peak and a List of Bulk SMS Sites in Nigeria


Bulk SMS in Nigeria is bringing great developments and better growth to businesses. WorldWebSurfers.com deemed it important to outline the importance and how bulk SMS works, We are doing this so that businesses could know the chances they stand with bulk SMS and how it could help take their businesses to its peak. We'll also list some bulk SMS services so that you won't fall into wrong hands - So we recommend (but didn't compel) you to stick to one of those sites.

Increase sale with BULK SMS

As you think of expanding your business, by tracking customers – Keeping them updated with messages on new brands, services,  innovation, season greetings or greetings on ad hoc basis and on the long run saving cost of adverts. The best medium to use is bulk SMS. Remember, people always have their mobile phones with them and it always buzzes and/or gives other forms of notifications whenever it receives a message. Now, let’s talk about the importance of using bulk SMS in your office no matter how small. Please do not jump down to the list of Bulk SMS, be calm to read the importance, it'll help in making a better choice in choosing which Bulk SMS service to use. Plus it might give you a better reason to start using bulk SMS in tracking  your customers and the best way to use it too.

Importance of Using Bulk SMS

It isn't going to look like a love quotation or school definition or listing, that are back up with barely real facts. We are trying to be rational here, So we will be using life examples.

Track Targeted Customers

Bulk SMS helps in tracking customers with a few clicks and a little amount, The other day, I went to buy a Nokia phone at a phone shop called Raycom. After dealing with Raycom, I was requested to provide my mobile phone number. I didn't hesitate, I gave it. Since then Raycom has been updating me with new brands plus innovations and job vacancies. I remember Raycom sending me a message about some laptops that just arrived from UK and costs 20 thousand naira each, and then I was with my friends. It was the topic of the moment. The next day, we went to get one for my friend but unfortunately there was none left as they were all cleared (sold out).

Significance: The information didn't get to me only, but to my friends too. I got to know that Raycom now sells laptops and not phones only. Raycom sold her laptops in time, Raycom also does her vacancy advert via bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS is a very good way to save cost and get to targeted customers. This example also implies or might imply to those tracking customers based on services or whatever you're into that involves customers, clients... what have you?

Get your business glued to customers’ mind, with season greetings or greeting on ad hoc basis using bulk SMS

There mightn't be new brands or services or innovation to share with customers, but notwithstanding, that shouldn't stop you from tracking customers. On special occasions, you can hit them up, that makes them feel special and happy. If you are into the sales of electronics and they wish to buy electrical stuff, it is you they'd remember. There surely wont be special occasions all the time but you can still get your business stuck on their minds by sending appreciation on ad hoc basis or on your schedule.

I remember First Bank Sending me a message, appreciating me for banking with them. "Hi, We appreciate your patronage, you inspire us and that keeps us going." Stuff like that, that's not the exact message First bank sent me but it's something close to that.

Note: Don’t send message to customers everyday, you may not also message them weekly. This serves dual purpose; save your credit or money and keeps customers happy as you wont disturb or spam their phones - Spamming them might stir up hate. So make sure not to spam them cos customers can’t opt out of the messages you send them. Don’t make them regret leaving their phone numbers with you.

List of Bulk SMS Providers in Nigeria

Thinking of  a bulk SMS site to use? The list below would help.

Thinking question mark


I hope you got informed, the listed bulk SMS are not affiliated to us. The list is put together from recommendations we got from those already using them. If you appreciate the hard work put to this article, kindly share with friends on your profile(s) by liking, sharing or tweeting. Subscribe to this blog using the RSS feed form below, that way you wont miss a thing that goes live on here. What would you have to say about his post, use the comments.  Kindly follow me on Twitter (@worldwebsurfers) and Google+. Cheers and stay happy. World Web Surfers

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