4 Ways to Create Table On MS - Word 7 Without Stress


Microsoft Word 7 makes it easier to create tables, don’t know of MS - Word 10. Haven’t laid my hands on it so I can’t give account on how it works; whether it is easier to create a table on there or on Word 7. But not withstanding Word 7 takes only a few steps in creating a table compared to the previous MS - Word versions; Microsoft Word 3 and Microsoft Word 5. Steps you can use in creating table on Word 7 are; 1, creating table by highlighting the numbers of rows and columns you want. 2, creating tables by specifying the numbers of rows and columns you want on the appropriate fields. 3, creating table by drawing. 4, creating table from pre-defined or pre-created tables e.g Calendar, all you have to do on this one is insert table and customize with your preferred information.

How to Create table on MS - Word 7 Using the Highlighting Method

  • Open Microsoft Word
  • Click on “Insert” tab
  • Click “Table
  • Highlight the numbers of rows and columns you want and
  • Press and release your mouse left button once.
  • With that in place your table should be there on your document waiting. J

How to Create Tables Specifying the Numbers of Rows and Columns

This step is only needed if the numbers of rows and or columns you want on your table exceeds the ones available on the “highlight table section” more appropriately it is; Insert table section. I used that term (“highlight table” section) so you don’t get confused. lol. Now, let’s continue;

  • While on Word
  • Click on “Insert” tab
  • Click “Table
  • Click on “Insert Table” option – a window pops up
  • On the pop up window, specify how many rows and columns you want on their appropriate fields.
  • Having don’t that, click OK
  • Your table should be right there on your document.

How to Create Table Using the Quick Tables (e.g Calender)

  • While on Word
  • Click on “Insert” tab
  • Click on “Table
  • Hover your mouse over “Quick Tables
  • With your mouse hovered over “Quick Tables”, you’ll see a pull-out window with different pre-created tables
  • Click on your desired table.

How to Create Table on Word 7 by Drawing

  • While on Word
  • Click “Insert” tab
  • Click “Table
  • Click “Draw Table
  • Your cursor will change to an I shape.
  • Click and drag cursor over where you want your table inserted

Note; you’ll have to draw the rows and columns yourself, it is better you use the highlight or specify (insert table) methods.

How to Adjust Table Width and Height on MS - Word 7

Step 1 - Click on the table’s vertical line and drag till you desired width.

Step 2 - Double Click on the table’s vertical lines to auto-fit to content.

Step 3 - Select Row(s) or Column(s) and Click on “Layout” tab > Under “Cell size” group you’ll see;

  • Table Row Height” field
  • Table Column Width” field

For table width - Specify the width of column(s) under > “Table Column Width field” by changing the default figures or using the Up and Down arrows
For table height - Specify the height of row(s) under > “Table Row Height field” by changing the default figures or using the up and down arrows

  • Changes will only be visible on selected area (cells, rows or columns)

I’d have jumped to conclusion but it is not finish until it is finished, I thought you how to create table but that wont be all. It wont be good not to teach you how to delete a table, rows and columns.

How to Delete a Complete Table

  • Highlight the complete table by clicking on the first cell (on the top-left) and dragging till the last cell (on the bottom right) OR Click on the ICON on the top-left of the table to highlight the whole table.
  • After highlighting – You’ll see two additional tab (menu)
  • Click "Layouts"
  • Click "Delete" under Rows & Columns group
  • Click "Delete Cells" – a window pops up
  • On the pop up window - Ignore all other options and just click on OK

  • Make sure to highlight (select) complete table else it might be deleted.
  • You can't delete table by highlighting and pressing the delete key on your keyboard, doing so deletes the content of the table and not the table itself. 

How to Delete a Row or Columns

  • First, Highlight the row or column you want to delete
  • Click "Layouts"
  • Click "Delete" under rows & columns group
  • Click "Delete Cells" – a window pops up
  • Just click on OK

That’s not all but I guess I did more than the headline says. Right? The Additional table Design tab can be used for designing your table with color, style and much more. Take a tour on it you’d like it, don’t despair if it seem difficult, believe me, designing table on Word 7 makes it look awesomely good and as professional as possible.

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