Airtel's Cheapest Blackberry Data Plan, BCM3 3 Gigabyte for #2,800


Hi there, Emmanuel here. The other day I shared a post on Nigeria's cheapest internet browsing data cap (Airtel BlackBerry Social Month - #1,200 for 1 Gigabyte/Month). But it seems there's a plan that is even cheaper. The yet cheapest legit internet browsing data cap in Nigeria is still one of airtel's Blackberry data plans. The Airtel 2 for 1 (BCM3Blackberry plan stood out the cheapest legit data plan in Nigeria. The reason why it is very cool is, its live, blazing and works with other phones (Non-Blackberry Phones) and computers (PC)

Nigeria Cheapest Internet Browsing Plan

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It is called Blackberry Complete Month 3 (BCM3). But that does not mean it is limited to blackberry smart phones or to blackberry users only. In other-words if you are interested in using this plan on your PC or with a non-blackberry phone then you are on the right track. As a matter of fact I am not sharing this information based on what I red on the internet but I am sharing my experience with you. I am using Airtel BCM3 on my computer and sometimes on my Nokia X2 phone without any extra or unique mobile phone configuration.

Airtel Internet Service Efficacy

Let's quickly rush through Airtel's internet service efficacy before going into the Airtel BCM3 thing.

Airtel's internet service is awesome, its all I have wanted. I never knew what it was because I was using MTN. But could you believe that subscribing to MTN 5GB Monthly Plan "24/7" (#8,000) was a waste? Here; I did that subscription with MTN but I was only able to surf the internet only four times (days) out of thirty days despite the fact that I am using their own MTN f@stlink modem. That sucks. right? MTN might be blazing in your area. Cos according to some friends, MTN is still very much alive in their area. But I wouldn't recommend it for you if you live in Delta State. I also used Globacom internet service and from my experience. I'd say; they also have that good internet service but you just can't compare Globacom internet service with Airtel's. Besides, none of this guys roles out great offers the way Airtel does. Airtel is just awesome. And from what i have learnt, I learnt its blazing all over Nigeria.

How to "Subscribe to Airtel's Blackberry BCM3"

  • Recharge your phone of #2,800 (naira) worth of vouchers
  • Send BCM3 to 440 to get 3 GB/2 Months


  • Do not load your phone with more than #2,800 naira
  • If you have any active Blackberry plan, then you'd want to call Airtel costumer care @ 111, to deactivate your active BB plan before you can subscribe to another.

With your Airtel Blackberry plan active you can go ahead and surf the internet with your default Airtel modem settings. But I recommend you reconfigure your modem settings following the instruction below;

How to Create Another profile for Internet Browsing on your Modem

  • Open your modem program (MTN fastlink, Glo…)
  • Go to Tools > Options > Profile Management > New
  • After clicking “New
Fill in;
  • Profile Name: "Airtel Worldwebsurfers.com" 
  • APN (static): internet.ng.airtel.com
  • Leave every other option the way they are.

According to the description of WorldWebSurfers.com, We only share information that are tested. And from what you have red, I believe you understand that i just shared my experience with you. Right now in time, this is what I am using ad its working just fine. WorldWebSurfers.com is not responsible for any changes or developments there after. Over to you, do not leave without sharing your opinion, question, worries or fears. I'll be here to respond to your comments. Also do well to share with us any cheap internet browsing you know. Do well to subscribe to our RSS feed and get our updates to your email. Cheers! *Smiles* 

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Anonymous said...

Very good

Anonymous said...

I tried all you said for my airtel sim, I got BB connection. But on MTN fastlink modem. It didn't work. May be you can clarify further.

Emmanuel Obarhua said...

Hi, I am sorry that this didn't work for you. Like i said on the post, it is what I am using. I went through the tutorial again and all that I explained is all that I did plus I called my friend who is also using Airtel BB plan on PC, He told me its working just fine. May be you'll have to go through the tutorial again cos I made sure I included everything. Airtel BB plan on PC is still working for me and for friends. Sorry for the discomfit.

Anonymous said...

On ur modem:
apn: internet.ng.airtel.com
username/pwd: internet
And save ur settings. It will work 4u

Emmanuel Obarhua said...

Hello Anonymous, thanks or the contribution but that's almost the same with what's on the tutor. Thanks one more time.

Anonymous said...

If the data bundle gets exhausted before tthe three months are over, do I still have to deactivate the bb plan first before I can subscribe for another?

Joseph Kurape said...

You don't need to deactivate it if you are subscribing for the same plan (in your case, the BCM3) but if you want to go for another plan then you'll have to deactivate it

Abraham said...

Does airtel bb subscription stil goin on (BCM3)..... April 2013

Emmanuel Obarhua said...

It's still working sir, I am using the Get 100GB on Airtel BIS tweak on PC, its working just fine. Cheers

richard Lamai said...

I'm tired of blackberrys' boring interphase,i want to get an android phone, would this BCM3 work with it?

Hartbiz said...

BCM3 has stopped working. Now they say you can only use it once

Chukwuma Echezona said...

It is true, I use it and it is wonderful! But Hartbiz did you it is valid for just the first time?!

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